How to Take a Loan from Your Corporation and Avoid Dividend Treatment

If you need to withdraw funds from your controlled corporation, you can structure the withdrawal so that it is not subject to tax as a dividend.  While dividends are generally taxed to non-corporate shareholders at capital gains rates, a loan from a corporation to its shareholder is not subject to tax.  However, even though no dividend has been declared, the IRS can treat shareholder withdrawals of cash from a corporation as dividends, if they aren't structured properly.

Reduced Gain Exclusion on the Sale of Your Home

Sometimes life throws things at us that we don’t anticipate or cannot control.  Once in a while these events may cause you to have to move from your current home.  Typically, you are able to exclude up to $250,000 ($500,000 for married filing jointly) of the gain recognized on the sale of your principal residence.  This exclusion is allowed if you have owned and used the home as your principal residence for at least two years out of the last five years prior to the sale date.  But what happens to your exclusion amount if you sell your home before meeting the two-year test?

Tax Breaks for Charitable Volunteer Work

Do you ever do volunteer work for a charitable organization?  Even though you cannot deduct the value of your time or the services you perform for the organization you may still qualify for some tax breaks.
Deductions are permitted for out-of-pocket expenses incurred while performing services for the charitable organization (subject to the deduction limit generally applied to charitable contributions).  These deductions include:

Tax Credits for Starting a Pension Plan

Offering a pension plan can be beneficial to your business by attracting and retaining quality employees.  Pension plans have tax benefits for your business as well.  Contributions the business makes to its employee’s pension accounts are a deductible business expense.  You may also be eligible to receive a nondeductible tax credit when establishing a new pension plan.

Tax Treatment of Scholarships

Are you or your child applying for scholarships to attend college or any other post-secondary institution?  You may have some questions about those scholarships such as:  Are the scholarships taxable?  Can I still claim my child as a dependent if they receive a full scholarship?  Will this affect any educational credits I can claim?  The information below should clear up some of those questions.


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