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Hello Brown Girl,

My name is Mona Shanell, and I am the Owner and Designer of Brown Girl Bag Company. I started this company with one goal in mind: To promote black positivity through custom bags. All of my bags tell a story that embraces our unique qualities, unequivocal dopeness, and mocha magic.

This journey began in 2016, when I started a t-shirt business named Mentalitees. My brand was focused towards black empowerment and being proud during a time of division in our country. 

In 2021, I decided to embark on a new journey of bags only, realizing that we needed more representation in what we carry to set the tone for our day. Our bags range from book bags, lunch bags, work bags, grocery bags, gym bags, travel bags, and more. 

Thank you for visiting my store, and I hope you Find A Bag, Get The Bag, and never Fumble The Bag for as long as you live. 

The Original Brown Girl,

Mona Shanell, xoxo


Mona Shanell


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